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The RelaGit and Rela branding.

Our logos and wordmarks are some of the most visually important parts of our brand identity. We treat these images with respect and care, and we ask that you do the same. Please follow these guidelines and instructions when using our assets.


Hover over images on this page to download vector versions or change the color scheme.


The Rela organisation is the parent of all our projects. These marks and images follow as the basis for other projects.

Rela logomark, depicting a stylised R

Rela Mark

When you don’t have enough space, or the context is not appropriate for the full logo, you can use the Rela mark.

Rela mark, depicting a stylised R


RelaGit is the core product, and the focus of this subdomain. These logos should be used instead of the above when specifically referring to RelaGit. The Rela mark should still be used for smaller spaces.

RelaGit logomark, depicting a stylised R
RelaGit mark, depicting a stylised R with a gradient inlay