Streamline your Git workflow.
Modern version control client for developers.

““I've never been a fan of GUIs for source control, but I must say that this looks beautiful. I don't think I'd ever use it, as most of my work is on systems that don't even have a GUI, but it does. Look. Beautiful.
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Everything you expect from a git client, and more.

The GitHub vercel/next.js repository being cloned inside RelaGit
Your favourite developer platforms
GitHub, GitLab, and Codeberg. Directly integrated into the experience.
Community fueled
Built with input and opinion from developers and users.
Goes anywhere you go
Open out a native popout to view focused information about what you're working on.
A native popout window is open above a code editor. The popout shows modified files and commit history.
Designed to move at your speed
Next generation tooling enables lightning fast UI updates and performance.
The Create or Add repository modal in RelaGit, with the curve of the window being emphasised
Pixel perfect interfaces
Blending form and function with beautiful design.

Creativity is the limit.

Create dynamic workflows to automate actions and perform awesome tasks when things happen in your repositories.

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import { Workflow } from "relagit:actions";

export default new Workflow({
    name: "My New Workflow",
    description: "Does amazing things!",
    hooks: {
        commit: (_, repository, commit) => {
            console.log("New commit in",;

Recognisably Yours.

Re-imagine the look of the client, either through careful creation of a theme, or use of a community-made one.

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Requires macOS 10.14 or later