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RelaGit Beta
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The first Beta Release of RelaGit is now available to download.
RelaGit Beta

As of today (February 11, 2024), the first Beta Release of RelaGit is now available to download. This is a big milestone for the project and we are super excited to share it with you!

What is RelaGit?

RelaGit is a graphical Git client that is designed to be simple and elegant. It is cross-platform and works on all major operating systems.

RelaGit offers a plugin system called workflows that allows you to automate common tasks and integrate with other tools. This can enable integrations with some of your favorite tools and services, such as discord or wakatime.

We also have a built-in GitHub1 integration, which allows you to easily publish and clone github repositories from within the app.

How do I get it?

You can grab your copy of RelaGit from our downloads page or directly from the GitHub releases page.

For now, you must also have the Git CLI installed on your system in order to use RelaGit. We plan to add built-in libgit2 support in the future which will remove this requirement and allow it to run on any system.

What does this Beta mean?

With this beta, we are open-sourcing the project and allowing anyone to download & use it! This means the amazing developer community can now contribute and extend the project and we’re pumped to see what you build!


  1. Other Git hosting services are not yet supported, but we plan to add support for them in the future.