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Announcing RelaGit
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A new Git client for the modern developer.
An early preview of RelaGit

Welcome to the Rela blog!

Today, I am pleased to announce our first product, RelaGit. RelaGit is a Git Client designed to do everything you need, and everything you want. The client provides a simple, intuitive javascript API for managing workflows, repositories, and more.

Why RelaGit?

Existing Git Clients are well-tested, and have been around for a long time. They are battle-hardened but unfortunately, they are also very complex. RelaGit is meant to be simple, and easy to use. RelaGit is built with TypeScript, Electron, SolidJS and a custom Git library. Thsi will allow it to be faster and more speialised in what it does best. The client is designed to be useful for what the modern developer does on a day-to-day basis and make tasks faster and easier.

Open Source???

At Rela, we believe in the values of Open Source. (We even have a whole pledge on the topic) We are committed to making good Open Source software, and as such, we will be making RelaGit open source under the MIT license when it’s release date comes around. For now, it is closed source. You can follow the development of RelaGit on our GitHub.

What’s next?

This has been brief but don’t worry: more is coming soon. Keep a look out for more posts on the blog, and more information added to the site.